Updated at 4:20PM ET, August 6th: Droid Life updated its post to mention pricing for the Note 10 phones, so we’ve added that information below.

Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus tomorrow, August 7th, at its Unpacked event in NYC. But if you don’t want to wait until then to find out more, the Note 10 has suffered yet another leak — through Samsung’s own marketing materials, no less. Droid Life has shared several full-page snippets of Samsung’s materials, which give the best look yet at many of the rumored features we’ve been hearing about.

According to the presentation, the Note 10 will have a 6.3-inch display, and the Note 10 Plus will have a 6.8-inch screen, both with a hole-punch selfie camera. Droid Life recently updated its post to include pricing for the two phones. The smaller Note 10 is said to cost $949, and opting for the larger Note 10 Plus will cost $1,099 to start.

As expected, the included S Pen is capable of a few new tricks, like new air gestures and remotely switching between camera lenses. The Note 10 phones will supposedly also have a “Superfast Charge” feature that gives “hours of juice” by charging for a few minutes.

The marketing materials don’t get into each and every spec, but they do gloss over some new camera features, saying that the Note 10 can shoot “beautiful portraits, stunning landscapes and crisp, super-closeups in any light.” The leak also reveals new Audio Zoom microphones for the first time, which will work to emphasize audio coming from whatever you’re focused on in a video. LG offered a similar feature with its V30 phone a few years ago, but this will likely be an improved take on it.

Following Google’s nonchalant confirmation of the Pixel 4 (even going as far as lifting the veil on some of its more interesting features), it’s strange to see Samsung remaining mum despite seemingly everything about its Note 10 being leaked out. The event is tomorrow, and we’ll be at the event to hear the official word from Samsung, but hopefully it has a few surprises left in store.